Required Testing:

Please see each individual school’s website for admission testing requirements.

Statement Regarding Multiple ISEE Scores:

In regards to the recent changes with the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) testing policy, the ISAAD schools are in agreement that we do not encourage testing multiple times within the admission cycle nor do we encourage test prep. It should also be noted that multiple ISEE scores will not be counted against a candidate. Each school will follow their own policies and procedures concerning the importance of testing in the admission process and will respect the individual decision of each family.

Statement Against Test Prep:

Cognitive ability testing, such as the tests administered through Collaborative Academic Testing Service, P.A.

(CATS), is fundamentally different from achievement testing. Cognitive ability testing presents test takers with novel tasks in order to measure intellectual ability while achievement testing measures subject area expertise. Normative data for cognitive ability tests are based on the assumption that testers have not been previously exposed to the material.

Prior exposure invalidates test results and is easily detected.

Practicing, rehearsing, preparing, studying or tutoring for a cognitive ability test is not appropriate.

Unlike cognitive ability testing, preparation for achievement testing is appropriate and may be useful. To study for an academic achievement test is to prepare for it. A reasonable level of preparation for achievement testing expands general understanding of important content areas.

However, parents should be aware that excessive preparation for achievement testing raises anxiety and negatively effects results.

Acquiring a copy of the test and rehearsing or memorizing the correct answers is never appropriate. Preparing for the test is appropriate while rehearsing for the test is not.

At the time of CATS registration, all applicant families will be ask to endorse a statement acknowledging that no cognitive ability tutoring should occur prior to CATS testing and acknowledging the receipt of this document. On the day of testing, families will be asked to report any exposure the applicant may have had to the testing materials including any specific cognitive ability test tutoring. Indications of prior exposure to testing materials will be reported to the appropriate schools.

While reasonable preparation does not compromise the integrity of achievement testing, tutoring for cognitive ability testing invalidates testing results. The Admission Directors of the Independent Schools Admission Association of Dallas seek to make the admission process fair and appropriate for everyone. We need accurate testing data to secure good fits between schools and children.